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Style & Usage

Passive or active voice, first or third person, are just two examples of styles. Whether you are using the
right one is important.

Grammar & Spelling

Good spelling and correct grammar will give your readers more confidence in you or your company.



When you should or when you shouldn’t capitalize in your writing is important in communicating
messages effectively.


Starting a new paragraph and avoiding run on sentences are just a couple of examples which can make
your writing more readable.

Word Choice

One of the most common mistakes in writing is choosing the right word. For example, threw or through
are not caught by spell checkers, as they are spelled correct, but the context is wrong.


 The appropriate use of punctuation is important in conveying the meaning of your message.


I get it. You have worked hard on your project. Do you have time to worry about pesky punctuation rules? No! That is where I come in.
You will have peace of mind and confidence that your work will look top-notch when I have finished proofreading it. My attention to detail and training will ensure your best work is put forward; your happiness is my main concern.
Let me be part of your team, ensuring your dreams and goals are reached! The possibilities are endless; let’s get this done!
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