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Nancy really took the time and effort to edit my manuscript. The end result surpassed all of my expectations, as there was quite a lot to be fixed due to my non-native English. All spell checkers, Amazon’s own KDP spell checker included, found 0 grammar mistakes. She also worked with the flow of the text and left good and accurate comments in the document. Nancy was very friendly and easy to work with. So if you ever pick up my novel (The New Hollow, by Bryce Asher) you will find her name there as my editor.

Bryce Asher, Author “The New Hollow”

Nancy was able to quickly and efficiently give me feedback on my essay. With her ability to decipher exactly what I am trying to convey, I was able to boost my work up to the next level. I completely recommend her if anyone is looking for a quick and skilled response for their editing needs.

Lauren Main, Student, University of Victoria

Nancy has done some short jobs for me where she exhibited professional, insightful, and timely editing support for my professional work. She is a pleasure to deal with and always has a positive and helpful attitude. She takes the initiative to be both a creative and productive writing aide. I hope to work with her more on those projects in the future if it works for us both. - Love and light, Julie Robinson, Psychic/Angel Intuitive

Julie Robinson, Author, Psychic/Angel Intuitive

I've used Nancy's services for business documents, presentations, advertising copy, and website content, and she's always improved how my message is communicated. I highly recommend her work!

Chandler Armstrong,  Holistopia 

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